Jaldi 5 with Anuj Gandhi, CEO, IndiaCast: No dramatic, but fundamental change

30 Jan,2013


Anuj Gandhi, CEO of IndiaCast and the yet unnamed proposed jv of IndiaCast and DisneyUTV and a veteran in the distribution space, on what the new entity means for the broadcast business


Anuj Gandhi

01.         IndiaCast was already distributing Disney channels in India though UTV wasn’t being distributed by you… so there will be no dramatic change on the ground. Right?

No dramatic but fundamental change in the way we are perceived in the market.

02.         As someone who has been a participant and watcher of the Indian broadcast space, would you see any more consolidation in the space?

Some small pieces are still to be sorted but no major change at the national level – next phase may focus in the regional space

Will IndiaCast be ‘game’ for more partners from independent clusters of channels?

We will look for quality rather than quantity and also brands/products which add value to the overall bouquet

03.         Much done, yet Mediapro with 70+ channels is still far ahead of IndiaCast. What will narrow the gap in the weeks/months/years to come?

I don’t think we need to narrow any gaps – will like to focus on what we have and how to ensure that we get our fair share in the market.

With distribution companies such as IndiaCast playing a critical role for monetization of channels in a digitized world, do you see such a consolidation move helping achieve that?

Yes, it does. Also, it gives us a much wider reach and helps in better negotiations.

04.         Your international and new media distribution and syndication will not be part of the jv. Would you see independent JVs/consolidation happening towards that too?

These streams are still growing for us and traditionally there hasn’t been much consolidation, so not sure. We would like to build on what we have rather than aggregation.

05.         It’s interesting that the world’s largest media conglomerate (Disney) ties up with a jv of the fourth-largest media conglomerate (Viacom) for distribution. Was it just the ground realities in India that brought you’ll together or was it a lot more?

I think it is the way distribution business in India works where aggregation happens at the content level. So, it is just ground realities in this market.


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