Hero Motors, IOC on APCO ‘Champion Brands’ list

28 Jan,2013

By A Correspondent


Global communication, stakeholder engagement and business strategy firm APCO Worldwide has announced the 50 companies that top its Champion Brand Index, a first-of-its-kind global study that measures the brand strength of nearly 600 of the world’s largest public and private companies. The groundbreaking study identifies those brands that are performing best against a new proprietary approach for evaluating and building corporate brands.


With respect to regional corporate brands, the companies in India that are identified as best achieving Champion Brand status include Hero Motors and Indian Oil Corporation.


“Champion Brands are those companies that have best aligned their business strategy, vision and values with the shared interests of their stakeholders,” said Margery Kraus, founder and CEO of APCO Worldwide. “It’s clear that having quality products or services is no longer enough. Today’s most successful brands – Champion Brands – are creating enduring relationships with their stakeholders by creating societal value while also delivering corporate value.”


The study, conducted by APCO Insight, surveyed more than 70,000 people in 15 countries. The study measures how companies perform against a new model, the four As that make up Champion Brand, which provides a 21st-century framework for building corporate brands:


  • Alignment: meeting stakeholders’ most important expectations
  • Authenticity: acting in a way that is consistent with what a company says
  • Attachment: the extent to which stakeholders connect emotionally with a company
  • Advocacy: advocating on behalf of stakeholders’ interests, applying unique expertise and assets to add value to society





“The study demonstrated that excellence on each attribute is increasingly difficult to achieve, but as companies advance through each dimension they do more than simply build product brand value,” said Bryan Dumont, president of APCO Insight. “Companies that perform well against all of the 4As move from being good corporate brands to becoming Champion Brands, and Champion Brands are winning in this new environment.”


More information about Champion Brand, along with detailed results of APCO’s Champion Brand Index, is available at www.apcoworldwide.com/champion



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