Debrief: Volkswagen Polo: Humanising tech

17 Jan,2013

By Anil Thakraney


The Volkswagen India guys are notorious for their, well, let’s just say, offbeat advertising. Remember speaking newspapers? They have continued with this tradition in the new commercial for Polo, though this time it’s more cute than corny.


A mother picks up her son from school in her, yes, Volkswagen Polo. She tells the child that tonight he’ll have to do his homework by himself, as mom and dad are going out. Else, god will punish the child. When the kid expresses cynicism about god having spare time for naughty bachchas, the dad’s voice, sounding like god, booms on the phone, through the car’s Bluetooth device. The child is naturally amazed.


Cool, I like this one. Mainly because they have done something which none of the other car ads have done so far. Which is to humanise a technical feature, in this case the Bluetooth option. So much better than the cold technical spiel car ads usually dole out. Also, the treatment is warm, this TVC will get noticed. I have just one small issue with the ad: Parents joining forces to make a total fool out of their little one? Urmm… am not so sure. But then, this is Volkswagen. We have to expect something offbeat, as I said at the start.


Now I am worried about the possibility of god’s voice booming through my morning newspaper. Not that, dear Volkswagen, not that. I might just get a heart attack.


Rating: (On a scale of 1-5): 3. Focussed ad, cute treatment.


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