Debrief: Coke: Crazy nahin kiya re!

22 Jan,2013

By Anil Thakraney


Coke has extended the ‘open happiness’ idea. The latest TVC features ‘crazy’ things people do to bring joy to strangers. Apparently the situations are based on real incidents filed by Coke drinkers. This not a new thought, Maggi noodles has been doing the real stories gig for some time, and Coke has made the same error Maggi made in the treatment, but we’ll come to that soon.


The ad features a collage of so-called crazy actions. A young cyclist high fives a middle-aged gent who’s extending his hand to hail an auto-rickshaw. One kindly soul gifts a Coke bottle to a security guard. A kid leaves a bottle for a tired Santa. And so on. I like the jingle, it’s quite catchy. This is a good thought because it opens up opportunities for thinking offbeat situations, and it should work in India because we folks usually ignore strangers. Nobody even exchanges smiles on the streets in this stuck-up nation, so people will find the idea novel.


Yes, all fine and dandy. The problem is this: Situations featured aren’t really crazy. They might just make you smile on the first exposure but from thereon they do nothing to you. I think Coke should go all-out on the crazy quotient; they need to think of wild and charming incidents. And there’s no need for multiple situations, they should tell us one cool story/incident at a time. This will make the communication stronger.


And if Coke isn’t able to get hold of exciting stuff from the janata, the creative team should cook it up. Viewers don’t care about the modus operandi, they look for entertainment. Maggi ads suffered from the same problem because they weren’t able to obtain fantastic Maggi moments. I think this can be handled in both the cases very easily.


So go crazy full-on, dear Coke. You are onto a good thing, don’t mess it up by relying on dull real stories.


[youtube width=”400″ height=”220″][/youtube]

Rating: (On a scale of 1-5): 2.5 Idea has potential, needs to get wings.


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