DDB, NFDC go back to roots for govt film

24 Jan,2013

By A Correspondent


DDB Health & Lifestyle along with the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC), a Government of India enterprise, has launched the ‘Mitti’ anthem for The National Population Register, on behalf of the Office of the Registrar General, India.


Brief: Make people aware about NPR, its importance and process through which every resident of India feels motivated to get his/her identity validated.


Objective: Create awareness about the National Population Register. Establish the relevance of participating in the National Population Register amongst the residents of the country.


Challenge: India is a population of over 1.2 billion hailing from 28 states and 7 union territories. Our various cultures, traditions and languages make us different from each other in more ways than one. This makes communication a challenging task. This challenge was further magnified for the National Population Register where the aim was to create a single register that amassed information about all the residents of the second most populous country in the world – India.


Brand Idea: My Identity, My Pride


[youtube width=”400″ height=”220″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtEUIvs3Q_8[/youtube]

Creative thought: The need was to identify a common sentiment, a sentiment that would inspire all equally to become a part of the National Population Register. A sentiment that would bind us all like leaves, branches and fruits of a tree. We found the answer in our root – our Mitti (soil).


The Mitti film is a call to individuals to embrace their identity stemming from the soil. It is a call to unite and participate with pride in the nation’s attempt to create a single register about all the residents of India – the National Population Register.


The film does this by capturing people from various walks of life in various moods. The highlights of the film include Mitti reaching out to people, people’s celebration of patriotism and a cultural extravaganza that serves as an ultimate visual feast. All this weaved together by a symphony of melodies from different regions that takes the viewer to an emotional high of “Mitti se hi shaan, Mitti se hi pehchaan!”


“We have been commissioned by the Ministry to spearhead this campaign, where DDB Mudra has handled the creative execution in close association with NFDC. Managing the campaign on behalf of NPR is a step forward in NFDC’s endeavor to function as a 360 degrees agency for government clients”, said Nina Lath Gupta, Managing Director and Producer, NFDC (National Film Development Corporation).


Soumitra Sen

Soumitra Sen, President, DDB Health & Lifestyle, said, “Advertising professionals often have to wait a lifetime to get an opportunity to work on a campaign that will shape behavior and impact humankind for generations to come. The DDB Mudra Group feels proud of the opportunity to work with the GOI project, the National Population Register closely with NFDC. This has resulted in the first creative communication capsule based on the theme of the umbilical cord like relationship that we all have subliminally with our soil. We are working on the next phases of the campaign to motivate all Indian residents to register.”




Chairman & CCO – Sonal Dabral

President – Soumitra Sen

Office Head – Urvashi Guha

Account Management – Durba Gogia, Subhendu Kumar

Account Planning – Jeffrey Jose

Group Creative Director – Ravinder Siwach

Creative Director – Saritha Shivshankar, Partha Majee

Director – Lloyd Baptista, 7 Films


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