Bloomberg TV India gets ‘Down to Earth’

29 Jan,2013

By A Correspondent


Bloomberg TV India, business news channel, has announced the launch of ‘Down to Earth’, a special series that will highlight cutting edge developments in philanthropy and the social sector in India. It is a series that celebrates the spirit of social entrepreneurship. Strategic philanthropy foundation Dasra is Bloomberg TV India’s ‘Knowledge Partner’ for the series.


The series will be telecast every Saturday at 1.30pm and Sunday at 11.30am on Bloomberg TV India. The first episode of the series will be telecast on Saturday, February 2.


Down to Earth will chronicle the stories of four social entrepreneurs: Inir Pinheiro of Grassroutes, Naveen Krishna of SMV Wheels, Rajesh Shah of Sabras and Shilpi Kapoor of Barrier Break Technologies who are leading organisations that are successfully applying business ideas to create social good, employment and provide access to improved livelihood opportunities for the poor and downtrodden.


Inir Pinheiro, Owner, Grassroutes, said, “The greatest challenge in India is the lack of opportunities, especially livelihood opportunities. With this thought in mind, we explored tourism, which is known to be a good mechanism for economic development. The key to developing any livelihood is sustainability and that is the prime reason I chose social entrepreneurship. In order to preserve this country we need to create sustainable livelihood opportunities and our endeavour is to create a million such opportunities.”


Naveen Krishna, Managing Director, SMV Wheels, said, “I had witnessed the social and economic exploitation of cycle rickshaw pullers since my childhood and wanted to do something to improve their lives. If we support a community that works the hardest, yet amongst the poorest, and bring a small change in their lives it will be the best success story for the other similar communities. The smile and confidence they have after becoming the owner of their cycle rickshaw is my biggest encouragement.”


Rajesh Shah, Chairman and Founder, Sabras, said, “My journey into social entrepreneurship started 35 years ago. After lobbying with the government to provide land to poor agriculture labourers, I realized the need to focus on wealth generation for these farmers by increasing their access to technology, markets and institutional credit. I was driven to find solutions for mainstreaming the marginalized through combining cause and commerce. I believe that in order to achieve inclusive growth one needs to reach out to the poor and help them run their enterprises professionally and achieve wealth generation.”


Shilpi Kapoor, Founder Director, Barrier Break Technologies, said, “I always wanted to work with technology but didn’t want to do the usual things. I realized that it was difficult for the disabled to move around or use infrastructure and the use of web and technology could help solve this problem. I was intrigued by how people with disabilities would be impacted by technology and decided to pursue this as a career. I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur because I believe that a team of passionate and committed people can achieve lot more than what a single person could. I wanted to make a difference and this proved to be the right path for me.”


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