BCCC received 8,628 complaints as of Nov ’12

24 Jan,2013

By A Correspondent


There has been a rapid increase in the number of complaints being handled by the Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC), following the various measures implemented by the IBF’s member channels and increased awareness among the Indian television audience.


The BCCC is the independent self-regulatory body for non-news general entertainment channels, set up by the Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) in June 2011. The council came into being after consultations between the IBF and the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting to implement ‘Self-Regulatory Guidelines and Complaints Redressal Mechanism’ for all non-news channels, including general entertainment, children and special interest channels.


The council held a conference in New Delhi recently, which was addressed by BCCC Chairperson Justice (Retd) AP Shah, IBF President Man Jit Singh, BCCC Members Shabana Azmi and Bhaskar Ghose, and IBF Vice President Rajat Sharma. Also present were BCCC Broadcast Members Ashok Nambissan (MSM Media Pvt. Ltd.) and Sujit Jain (Viacom 18).


BCCC Chairman Justice Shah said, “The BCCC has taken a serious note of complaints relating to women and children and issued advisories in this regard. Broadcasters should strictly avoid showing children below the age of 12 dancing to item numbers. The treatment of children during the course of the programme is also important. Stereotyping of women should be discouraged in TV programmes.”


“We have made certain suggestions and recommendations to the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting with regard to Clause 10.2 of the Uplinking Guidelines. We feel a provision for graded financial penalty can be introduced in for serious violations by channels,” Justice Shah added. The BCCC submitted a report to the MI&B in this respect on January 22, 2013.


IBF President Man Jit Singh said, “Self-regulation is the most appropriate way to handle content on television. The BCCC is a truly independent council that looks into complaints from all over the country. The broadcasters take all recommendations, directions and advisories of the BCCC very seriously and will continue to support the council’s efforts.”


BCCC Member Shabana Azmi said, “Freedom of speech and expression, especially artistic freedom, is very important and a democratic right. This freedom, however, comes with responsibility, and this is where BCCC plays an important role. At BCCC, we hear the channels when serious complaints come before us. We are happy to say that there has been full compliance of the BCCC’s directives by the member channels.”


IBF Vice President Mr Sharma said, “The BCCC is a credible and successful system of self-regulation that has been functioning for 21 months now. It has done good work and we are sure it will continue to do so.”


BCCC Member Bhaskar Ghose said: “At present, debates relating to content and similar issues cater only to a defined audience. We feel its scope needs to be expanded with fruitful participation of a much wider audience in society.”


Till November 30, 2012, BCCC has received 8,628 complaints and suggestions, including 1,072 specific complaints. So far, BCCC has issued seven advisories to the member channels on different topics of concern. During the personal hearings, the BCCC gives an opportunity to the concerned channel’s Standard & Practices heads/Content heads to place their point of view and arrive at appropriate action as per the established norms of self-regulation.


The BCCC has also held two interactive sessions with Channel heads/ S&P heads/ Content heads to develop a better understanding about the IBF’s Self-Regulatory Guidelines and to make television content suitable for unrestricted viewing.


The BCCC has decided to hold similar sensitization sessions with S&P heads of channels in other parts of the country.


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