Anil Thakraney: Gh***a Alag Chhe!

16 Jan,2013

By Anil Thakraney


I cannot claim ownership of the headline to this article, though wish I could. This is the crisp and to-the-point response from my tapori pal from Colaba, when asked of his views on Bigg Boss Season 6, which (mercifully) ended last week. Yes, it was that bad.


Now, I am aware the show is targeted at the low brow audiences, but that’s no excuse for packing in ultra dull people inside the madhouse. This season’s collection was an all-time low, a group of completely uninteresting and unappealing participants. My guess is the producer and the channel suspected this to be the case along the way, and in a desperate last act, dispatched the totally lunatic Imam Siddiqui to this horrible party, to salvage some viewership. In fact, had it not been for this loon, the show would have been a complete disaster.


If the team desires a continued, healthy run of this Big Brother clone, they need to make one big change for the future. They need to be very picky in their choice of housemates, as the viewing junta gets stuck with these sods for months together. I think there should be only one yardstick in the selection process: Either the person is highly engaging or he/she is fabulous to look at. Or is a really funny individual. Anyone who does not pass this criteria must be kicked out of the reckoning immediately.


The complete flop show that was the ‘Grand Finale’ aired last weekend told me another thing: Mr Salman Khan is the real Bigg Boss of this show. Although I have no proof of this, I strongly suspect it’s the hunk, more than the voters, who decides the eliminations and the choice of the winner. The absolute power vested in the man means there’s no one from the team who has the guts to blow the whistle when things aren’t working. The finale was such a grand bore, it was a real challenge just to stay in. Yes, Salman Khan brings in his charisma to the proceedings, but his role should be restricted to anchoring it.


Finally, to return to my tapori pal’s cutting-edge feedback, the ‘Alag Chhe’ promise was a blatant lie. It was back to street fights, juvenile tasks and a bunch of failed TV actors. If they had at least called it ‘Same Chhe’, my tapori friend might have been a tad kinder in his analysis.




PS: Fantastic marketing innovation for an air conditioner brand. Very smart way to get the public enthused, and the media excited. Millions of dollars of free publicity using a simple device: Big Nose. Superb!


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Anil Thakraney is a senior journalist and commentator. He is also Editor-at-Large, MxMIndia. The views expressed here are his own


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