Anchor | One Big Idea by Sunder Hemrajani: A daring leap of faith does more than change the rules of the game

15 Jan,2013

By Sunder Hemrajani, Managing Director, Times OOH


Out of home in India is in a stage of flux. Though there is a positive momentum in terms of a rapidly growing transit segment, the industry continues to wade through the muddy waters of regulation, measurability, pricing issues and the challenges of creating differentiation.


In times of flux, what anchors an industry is the “Big Idea” – a daring leap of faith that does more than change the rules of the game.


It changes the playing field itself.


The success of digital at Delhi’s T3 is the result of one such big idea. Step on the walkalators at T3’s internationally styled Arrival/Departure bays and behold a riveting display of synchronized brand communication. Be greeted by a network of 200+ HD screens that seamlessly gel with the 1.2 km long piers and captivate your attention in the absence of any other media format.


This one of a kind media layout envisaged by Times OOH with inputs from international consultants has paved the way for digital OOH in India and given clients the confidence that OOH players are willing to embrace innovative formats that can give them more bang for their buck.


Running on the world’s most robust scheduling software, these digital screens allow for pin-pointed messaging and high engagement. Equipped to play destination specific content with FIDS integration, the network is nothing like what the Indian market has seen before.


The efficacy of digital is certified by the fact that we have seen a doubling in our revenues year on year, with nearly 100 clients onto the bandwagon esp. in the auto, real estate, education, travel and hospitality segments. Digital contributions are 15% of the total revenues as opposed to an industry average of 2-3%.


With the success of the T3 as our benchmark, we are now working on our next Big Idea – creation of a 360 degrees branding experience by integrating digital with multi-sensory technologies.


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