Anchor | One Big Idea by Sanjay Trehan: Seamless convergence key to success

09 Jan,2013

By Sanjay Trehan, Head, MSN India


Few would disagree with Mahatma Gandhi’s observation that the soul of India lives in its villages. It therefore stands to reason that any digital revolution in the country must transcend the metros and reach its heartland. To be really meaningful, the ‘One Big Idea’ that could potentially change the face of the digital industry in India must reach people with the kind of content that makes a difference to their lives (Hyperlocal), in a language that they understand (Vernacular) and on a device that is personal as well as ubiquitous (Mobile). But is that enough?


To be really powerful in today’s digital ecosystem, an idea must also co-opt the community into the creative process (Social). It does not take a lot of crystal gazing to arrive at this conclusion. Here are some data points for you to consider. India’s mobile phone subscriber base now exceeds 900 million, and according to a 2011 JuxtConsult study, two-third of all mobile users in India are educated completely in ‘vernacular’ languages. The number of active Facebook users in India has grown to 65 million, an eight-fold jump in just two years. Apparently 30 per cent of these users are mobile-only! Any Big Idea born from the union of these titanic trends is bound to gain countrywide traction. So, in the new paradigm, the magic mantra of SoLoMo needs to be complemented with La as in languages to ride the crest of an empowering Internet revolution in India. Seamless convergence along with device and platform agnosticism will be the key to success.


All it needs is a spark to set this heady mix alight. And if any of the MxM readers think they have it in them, I will be more than happy to engage with them.


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