Anchor | One Big Idea by Sandeep Sharma: Need to shift emphasis to ‘delivery of client’s marketing objective’

24 Jan,2013

By Sandeep Sharma, President, R K Swamy Media Group


Currently, clients focus on maximising return on investments in media in terms of reach, frequency and GRPs. GRP becomes the currency for performance. And as long as the marketwise evaluation of a plan within the defined target group delivers those GRPs, the media agency is doing a good job.


Going forward, all this will change. Given the slowdown in the last five years, the fundamental insight learnt is “Trend is no longer your friend.” This means today’s business environment is complex and clients are facing new and unforeseen challenges. The heterogeneity in India makes their task further difficult. In this scenario, standalone solutions will not work and the client will seek all constituents to work towards achieving one common goal which will be linked to his business result, either in terms of sales growth or gain in market share, clearly defined at the outset with all partners as a common goal.


So what are the implications in the media context? The focus will shift from low rates to solutions. Solutions are agnostic to platforms or medium and in isolation or combined, whatever works best for the best solution will be the answer. Hence, creative idea synergy playing across all touchpoints and exposure for the viewer/reader will be superior; the further implication would be that creative and media agencies will have to work in unison.


Agency planners will have to think solutions and not medium, will have to understand the client’s business and not just the brand. There will be a higher level of interaction between agencies and clients living the eureka moment of “True partnership”. Agencies will be truly seen as partners and extension of clients’ marketing and business teams, and not agencies or vendors.


Last, but not the least, agency remuneration will be linked to the client’s market performance and achievement towards the goal, and here I pray the industry learns to play it right and not undermine itself like in the past and get their rightful share of the value they bring to the table. On this subject of remuneration, I pray that “Past trend no longer be your friend” for agencies.


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