Anchor | One Big Idea by Sam Balsara: Do TV a favour by adding another medium

09 Jan,2013

By Sam Balsara, Chairman & Managing Director, Madison World


From an advertiser’s perspective, the one idea that I would like to propose to advertisers who use TV heavily is to supplement their ad spends in TV, with some spends in at least one other medium – either print, radio, outdoor or digital – if not a couple.


There is considerable merit in balancing quantitative data on reach, frequency, GRPs and CPRP with qualitative aspects on how the human mind responds to a stimulus, and our experience shows that in a majority of the cases where advertising copy quality is average, multimedia campaigns deliver far better on sales and brand KPIs than single media campaigns. In fact, brands will do the TV industry a huge favour by allocating 10-15% of their budgets to at least one other medium, because diverting a small portion to another medium in fact enhances the productivity of TV spends and results in higher budget for the medium for subsequent years.


Also, from a broadcaster’s perspective, media owners – especially from print and TV – to have a sustainable growth oriented revenue model, must have two streams of revenue:


i. From the reader or viewer and,

ii. Another from the advertiser.


Given the digitization initiative undertaken by the government, hopefully this aspect will be taken care of in the years to come.


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