Anchor | One Big Idea by Ravi Rao: Leading the way via convergence

28 Jan,2013

By Ravi Rao, Leader, South Asia, Mindshare


The one big idea that will change the face of the newspaper industry in the coming years will be the effective use of ‘couponing’.


Most newspapers have not exploited this successfully in India. Imagine a situation where the regional newspapers offer coupons 52 weeks a year, whose total value is 4x of the newspaper subscription. It is value for money for readers, great opportunity for trial build for brands, and this will kickstart the emergence of a new back-end industry to manage redemptions. Advertisers will also get to see which publication really ‘performs’ and can get a lot more data into the ultimate decision-maker to buy their products.


The second big idea in the internet era will be the use of ‘paywalls’ – a few publications didn’t succeed with the revenue models as the final readership determines the success of any subscription or ad model. With TV digitization, imagine if there is a single aggregator like Zite in India offering news or specific titles online across multiple genres!. Exciting times for the ad industry to look at content generation that is relevant and appropriate and will surely be the money-spinner. Nothing excites me as much as the convergence of media.


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