Anchor | One Big Idea by Punit Goenka: Narrowcasting is the way forward

08 Jan,2013

By Punit Goenka, MD & CEO, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd


The immense paradigm shift observed in the entertainment consumption patterns indicates the evolution of a fresh ecosystem. Screens are getting smaller and the entertainment is getting more and more customized. The content also on the other hand, needs a fresh perspective, when it comes to this new ecosystem which is in its nascent stage. Avenues for premium and niche content have widened, and the audience is now in a more acceptable phase than ever before.


Although broadcasting has its own strong pillars, “Narrow-Casting” is something which I believe has the potential of turning into a “Big Idea” with the scope of altering the broadcasting industry. Certainly, at this stage there are immense constraints involved in terms of internet connectivity, bandwidth charges, cost of devices, etc, but the key is that the future is definitely digital and there are two ways to it. Narrowcasting would bring in more choices for the viewers, with the influx of new channels and new content patterns.


With the onset of digitization, influx of advanced connectivity viz 4g/LTE, and launches of newer product categories viz tablets, etc, the entertainment industry is poised at a wonderful juncture, where the question is not just “How to Entertain the Viewer”, but “How and Where to Entertain the Viewer”.


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