Anchor | One Big Idea by Prasoon Joshi: Idea creation needs a standardised compensation model

16 Jan,2013

By Prasoon Joshi,  Chairman and CCO, McCann Worldgroup India and President, South Asia


The Indian creative industry needs to have an IPR in place. Today, if somebody creates an idea, and for some reason an agency doesn’t continue to have the same relationship and the client wants to move on but still wants to use the same idea, he definitely has to compensate the original creators of the idea. That would lead to some change in the way the fee structure is positioned in the industry but there is a need for a change as, in the current scenario, the relationship between a client and an agency ends even before it starts. In such cases there is a possibility of an idea that has already been created for a brand and the client continues to use the ideas that have been created by a certain team or an agency. So there needs to be a way out for registering those ideas by way of an IP so that they stand to gain a percentage of the revenue that came out from their end.


It needs to be made an intricate practice and for that the industry will have to sit together across the table and work out the nitty-gritty. In fact this could be expanded to even project-based relationships. Sometimes a client only commissions you for a project and if the project is over and the idea continues to be used by the client, then there has to be some way of compensating the original creators of that idea. It has always been a challenge that our industry has not been adequately compensated. This could lead to the industry not being able to attract good talent. At the end, it is all in the overall interest of the industry where we have great talent coming in consistently. But where would this talent come from if we do not have a good compensation model? A lot of the agencies these days are highly squeezed as the demands of the business are not decreasing but increasing. So we need to find an appropriate solution like an IPR if we are to attract and retain the best talent.


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