Anchor | One Big Idea by Divya Gupta: The magic of mobile, leveraged well

15 Jan,2013

By Divya Gupta, CEO – Dentsu Media, India


Each medium has an inherent characteristic, which, when leveraged well, yields magic. Mobile is a one-on-one engagement, anywhere/everywhere, anytime/all the time medium. It maps us by:


  • Who we are; demographics
  • Where we go; geography
  • Whom we call, whom we text; our core social network
  • What we want, is of interest to us; promotions/offers we respond to
  • What we consume; content, apps m-commerce purchases


Mobile as a medium is already a game-changer


– 700 million+ subscribers in India and growing, geometrically

– Many FMCG companies like P&G are using mobile to reach out to media dark areas of UP/Bihar

– With implications on not just the tailor-made advertisements being pushed through the pipeline but on the entire manufacturing, sales and marketing pipeline. Imagine a retail brand that employs you as a designer for your purchases!


Mobile’s inherent advantage and rapid adoption has ensured its active, vital role in the communication process. Rich media mobile advertising, coupled with the boom in Android and iOS devices, has shifted the game from the niche to the mass market.


Rich media, offering a seamless in-browser or in-app advertisement experience, has also enabled a shift in performance metrics other than the strict (and often unfair) intermedia comparison of CTR and clicks.


With mobile internet users soon/already numbering desktop internet users, the opportunity and the challenges in tracking distinct eyeballs is there for the taking.


Fast and furious changes are already underway… increasing sales of tablets; aided by launch of low cost tabs in tier 2 cities. Frost & Sullivan expects the Indian tablet market to reach 23+ million units by 2017, with sales doubling every year.


The speed and efficacy with which we communication practitioners pick up the gauntlet remains to be seen.


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