Anchor | One Big Idea by Devendra Chawla: QR Code – the next big thing

22 Jan,2013

By Devendra Chawla, President, Food & FMCG, Future Group


As far as mobile as a medium of marketing communication goes, QR or Quick Response code is the next big thing. It is an idea which, when used extensively, has the potential of redefining consumer interaction in our country – more so in urban areas. The reason for this is extensive mobile phone usage, and lowering costs of smart phones.


QR codes, square in shape, are being extensively used in Japan & the East- and their usage and consumption is increasing in the West and the US as well.


They work well for various communication needs and across product categories, but they can be put to optimum use by retailers, and can be the bridge between online and brick-and-mortar retail which, at the moment,  work as two separate business streams.


For the uninitiated (though there won’t be many), QR Codes are a kind of two-dimensional barcode square in shape. These can be scanned and read using smartphones and dedicated QR reading devices, and link directly to emails, websites, promotional messages, phone numbers etc.


As for where they can be placed, choices are many – packaging, PoPs, print ads, billboard and online. Even T-shirts and walls. As the QR codes require interactivity, and have high engagement level, they increase consumer involvement.


One key thing to remember is the gratification that the consumer gets by using the QR code. It can be in form of a discount, a reward, or information that would be of interest to him/her.


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