AdStrat: CaratLane takes the proposal route

28 Jan,2013

Calvin John, VP Marketing, CaratLane


Name of the Campaign/Ad: Dressing Room


The Brief: It was to communicate that assists inexperienced men in taking control of the whole relationship milestone situation. In this case the proposal.


Research Insights: India is getting elaborate with relationship milestone situations. There is a constant urge of going beyond the ordinary way of doing things, especially when it comes to celebrating milestone moments.


The thought process behind the creative: Being a western concept, proposal is not as ingrained in our Indian culture and the importance of proposing does not occur naturally. But, while marriage validates a relationship, a proposal is the true marker of romance. The CaratLane intent was to establish the act of proposal as a sacred ritual in courtship even if it happened to be an arranged marriage.


Media vehicles chosen: Electronic Media


[youtube width=”400″ height=”220″][/youtube]

Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: The campaign has been designed by Contract Advertising. The ad is directed by famed adman Prakash Varma from Nirvana Films Рthe man behind the iconic Vodafone ZooZoo campaign, among many others. The film execution takes a cue from this intent and weaves in the story of that beautiful moment of romance, just before a traditional formal engagement, where a fianc̩ expresses himself and asks the all-important question, making it a perfect proposal with a perfect solitaire from CaratLane.


What is the differentiating factor about the ad: The concept of a proposal in an arranged marriage situation is the differentiating factor about the ad. Also this is the first television campaign for


Client comment: “In India, engagements and weddings are big family dos, with the bride and groom being the centre of festivities. We believe that the proposal can add something very romantic to the Indian marriage. It is a very private ritual for the couple and the true value of a proposal is known only after it has happened. It is very difficult to remember every bit of the wedding day but everyone remembers every second of their proposal. And what is more – diamonds are central to proposals. We could not have picked a better storyline for our solitaires. Indian men should realize that an arranged marriage is no excuse for why they shouldn’t propose.” – Mithun Sacheti, CEO & Cofounder, CaratLane


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