The Anchor: Harish Bijoor on 6 reasons brands need good consultants

24 Dec,2012

By Harish Bijoor


#1 Brands tend to get inward looking. You need a guy from outside to get you looking outward. Get that guy!


#2 Brands are about outside people: Consumers. Your consumer facing may need to be corrected. Aligned. Modified. Get an outsider to do that!


#3 Brands need outsiders more than insiders. There is a certain degree of insider-incest that needs to get ventilated and aired, more often than not. Get him in!


#4 Brands get jaded by being continually fondled by insiders. Get the outsider in! For a while, before he starts behaving like an insider!


#5 Brands get pompous. You need a good consultant to get you off the pedestal of pomposity!


#6 Brands need Devil’s advocacy periodically. Get a consultant who is a devil!


Harish Bijoor is a brand expert and CEO of Harish Bijoor Consults Inc. His Twitter handle: @harishbijoor


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