The Anchor: Anisha Motwani on 5 Reasons why corporates should not ignore PR

05 Dec,2012

By Anisha Motwani


1. It’s the age of transparency – In the age of Wikileaks, everyone needs Public Relations (PR). The world is almost like a glass now – transparent. There may be true and untrue stories always doing rounds about your business in a bigger scale or a smaller scale. PR is that tool that helps bringing out the accurate story proactively and steer clear of controversy.


2. Crisis Management – Today, the media is all-pervasive and still remains the primary influencer of public opinion. So an ultra-quick reponse with finely-tuned messaging is a must.


3. Creating correct visibility – It’s the PR job to know how to connect when and where. It is obvious that we all want to feature in mainstream media but that may not happen and be relevant all the time. The job of a PR team is to understand how to play the cards correctly and deal with it in the most efficient way possible. This means knowing all facets of any story being told, keeping up with the changing face of media and creating client interface through the right channels. May be those channels are local newspapers or even a blog.


4. Increase loyalty – It is easier than ever to access information. We always have to keep pace with it. If I don’t provide information first, someone else will. Customers expect companies to act with integrity and the best way to control what is shared is by sharing it yourself. We can get increased customer loyalty by shaping third-party influence which often leads to greater trust with customers.


5. Stand Out – It is impossible for businesses to connect with everyone. PR helps in getting the company increased followings, entice buyers to switch to your brand or become a loyal customer, or to simply share what you have to say. It is a great outlet as PR creates the opportunity and create that outlet for businesses to talk and stand out of the crowd.


Anisha Motwani is Director & Chief Marketing Officer, Max Life Insurance


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One response to “The Anchor: Anisha Motwani on 5 Reasons why corporates should not ignore PR”

  1. Neelima Khanna says:

    Agree! Public Relations has emerged as much more powerful tool to engage your stakeholders, creating impact on consumer preferences and driving the image of a brand or business.

    However, the role of measurement is of equal eminence. We should use measurement as a business intelligence tool that brings forth insights and learning for public relations activity, thus optimizing public relations for businesses and organizations.

    –Neelima Khanna, CEO – CARMA International, India

    twtr: @khannaneelima