The Anchor: 7 telltale signs in the media that winter’s arrived

14 Dec,2012

By A N Chorrea


#1 At least three newspapers have a human interest story on the Tibetans/whosover selling woolens on the footpaths/roads (one of the headlines would read: ‘The Tibetans who came in for the cold’ or some such).


#2 Some good, but many tackily done ads for winterwear start appearing on all channels.


#3 Cold cream ads start appearing on television.

#4 Reporters and the met department bring out their winter stats to figure which is the coldest day in x years (at least one headline of an English paper would say: Brrrrrrrr!)


#5 Studio guests and panelists on various nightly shows on News TV will start wearing fancy jackets and scarves. In warmer climes, viewers wonder why this heavyduty layering.


#6 At least once in the next few months, the Sunday papers have winter recipes or at least celebrating the seasonal stuff. And this exists across the country – not just the north or the cooler spots. Undhiyu in Gujarat, Gajar ka Halwa in the north. Yummmm!

And finally:


#7 Flights in various parts of the country are delayed due to fog and this naturally makes for top news on channels and the papers.


A N Chorrea is a senior media-watcher writing under a pseudonym


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