The Anchor: 5 reasons localization is important

07 Dec,2012

By Rahul Kumar


1. Localization is becoming paramount and extremely important in the Indian market.


2. India is a country of many sects; each sect represents different communities. For the food Industry it is very important for an international brand like us to have extensive market research to determine what assortment is the best fit for Indian culture.


3. Localization is essential as it demonstrates a brand’s commitment to its consumers and builds a strong connection with them.


4. A diverse product range can also increase customer satisfaction.


5. It is also important to localize in the Indian context as there are seasonal changes, various festivals, and to attract consumers we need to adhere and revolve as per these changes. It’s essential for a brand like us to keep reinventing and customize or localize flavours as per our customers’ demands.


Rahul Kumar is CEO & Principal Owner, Red Mango India


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