The Anchor: 5 errors brands made on social media in 2012

18 Dec,2012

By Rajiv Dingra


#1 The brands assumed that everything that works offline also works online. Just because you might have a sexy campaign offline, does not imply that it will remain sexy on social media.


#2 Purely looking at marketing, and not looking at social media as a customer-relationship medium.


#3 Focusing more on content more than communication. There is too much focus on gifts, contests and participation, with very little focus on what message is being passed through.


#4 Inability to differentiate between customers and users. There are people who come to your fan page and ask serious queries about products. But we are chasing numbers of fans instead of individually replying to those customers.


#5 Larger number of fans or spread of platforms does not mean presence on social media. Social media is as good as your last update, or campaign, or how it engages the fans. Social media is an ongoing daily effort to be responsive, interactive. Presence on platforms does not imply that you are doing social media.


Constant innovation, and constant upgradation, is the need of the hour.


Rajiv Dingra is CEO of


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