The Anchor: 4 reasons why it’s the last Wednesday many of us can have fun

12 Dec,2012

By A N Chorrea


Chill, next Wednesday is December 19 and all those theories about the world plunging into darkness etc can be reserved for the 21st.


So why is this the last Wednesday for fun?


#1 Note the date next Wednesday: December 19. That’s when TAM ratings will come alive once again.


#2 This article ought to have appeared yesterday. Folks, last night was your last Tuesday night of fun… don’t expect similar luxuries to happen again


#3 Not just Wednesday, you may as well tell the family that the weekend of Dec 22-23 will be spent crunching numbers, and analyzing data for the last two-odd months


#4 It’s not the last Wednesday of fun for broadcasters, media agencies and the folk at TAM, but also the entire ecosystem. Beat journalists who have to interpret stories. PR agencies who will need to figure new talking points for their TV clients. Advertising agencies who may be required to work overtime to capture mailers and magazine ads. Even IT and admin departments as they’ll need to ensure the machines are working fine and the printer toners are refilled. Accounts department to reimburse the late night food and taxi bills… phew!


Surely, there’s someone out there at the Mumbai headquarters of TAM Media Research laughing out loud: Yeh TAM TAM ki baat hai! Meanwhile, enjoy the next six days!


A N Chorrea is a senior industryperson writing under a pseudonym


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