Which magazine’s review of ‘Satanic Verses’ lit the fire, according to Salman Rushdie… 12 Politically Incorrect Questions in the MxMIndia LookBack Quiz 2012

31 Dec,2012

Okay, if the announcement on Friday made you think we’ll have some explosive questions for you, you are in for some disappointment. However, this is a quiz with questions you’ll not find being raised elsewhere.


1. Name the journalist whose exposes got former President Pratibha Patil to give up claims on land reportedly reserved for Defence Personnel in Khadi Cantonment near Pune?

2. Which RediffusionY&R ad starring Sachin Tendulkar saw the BCCI asking the advertiser to pull it off?

3. In September this year, this officebearer of a regulatory body expressed regret over a statement of last year rubbishing media people. Kaun?

4. In what seemed to be an endorsement of the Jindal Steel and Power’s charges against the Zee News and Zee Business editors, this association of TV news editors chose to sack one of the editors from the primary membership of the body and as its treasurer. Name the body.

5. What was the name of the apparel shop in Ahmedabad that opened in 2012 and drew international outrage?

6. Which pre-release review of the book ‘Satanic Verses’ bearing the headline ‘AN UNEQUIVOCAL ATTACK ON RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISM’ is said to have sparked off protests and the eventual fatwa on writer Salman Rushdie? Or, as he writes in his memoirs ‘Joseph Anton’, the match that lit the fire?

7. Some months ago, Indian Express editor-in-chief Shekhar Gupta wrote about how a publication he worked for was referred to as ‘Islam Today’ and ‘Pakistan Today’ by its detractors? Which publication?

8. What section of the Information Technology Act got a Pondicherry businessman arrested for reportedly posting messages termed offensive by Minister P Chidambaram’s son Karti?

9. Which senior journalist was refused a visa to Pakistan to travel with the delegation accompanying then foreign affairs minister SM Krishna?

10. His anti-government cartoons led to his arrest and protests against freedom of expression even as not many cartoonists thought his lines were in good taste. Remember his name?

11. Which South India-based newspaper group has been in the news over the termination of its IPL cricket team and a variety of other financial issues?

12. And by far the biggest news of the Indian M&E sector was TAM and its principals – Nielsen and Kantar – being taken to court. This one’s a sitter: Name the widely own media biggie representing one of the defendants who got into warring NDTV through a series of interviews and company statements?



1. Vinita Deshmukh. She wrote on Moneylife.in.

2. The ad promoting the Sahara Q Shop

3. Who else but Markandey Katju, Press Council of India chairman who said in an interview with Karan Thapar on CNN-IBN that he had a “poor opinion about most media people”.

4. The Broadcast Editor’s Association (BEA)

5. Hitler (with the Swastika!)

6. An India Today review of the book ‘Satanic Verses’

7. India Today’s Gujarati edition (Shekhar Gupta’s article: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/conspiracy-of-the-lazy-faithful/1047245/0)

8. Section 66-A

9. Praveen Swami, Resident Editor, The Hindu

10. Aseem Trivedi

11. The Hyderabad-based Deccan Chronicle

12. Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP. Kantar Media is a part of WPP.


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