LookBack 2012: Pick of the Anchors

27 Dec,2012

‘The Anchor’ in the retail sector is used to denote the store in a mall that induces footfalls – benefiting other stores in the mall. And the analogy holds true of ‘The Anchor’ on MxMIndia as well. By that logic, all the 200-odd Anchors that we have put up this year should find a place in the yearender – and picking just these few was indeed a mammoth task. After spending two days selecting and reselecting, Firefox came to our rescue. Here are the ones we had bookmarked to read again at leisure. Hope you enjoy them too!

The list is in no specific order, and the number is almost double of what was assigned – but it is definitely worth a read.


The Anchor: 7 reasons print will never die (despite declining readership figures)

Imagine a world without your daily newspaper. You can’t, and that’s the point. Print will endure, no matter what, wirtes Pankaj Arora



The Anchor: Lloyd Mathias on the 6 things every marketer learns on the job

The primary role of marketing is to drive sales and bring in revenues, writes Lloyd Mathias, as he lists the six vital lessons marketers learn on the job



The Anchor:6 ways ad agencies can attract top talent

When is an agency not an ‘agency’? When it wants to be a magnet for talent, observes Partha Sinha.



The Anchor: 6 things an agency must keep in mind when pitching for a brand

It’s not about coming first in class. It’s about being the best and the most loved in the batch, says Mahesh Chauhan



The Anchor: 5 reasons online radio will grow in India

At the touch of a mouse, a universe of customizable radio – what’s not to like, asks Prashant Panday.



The Anchor: Manish Bhatt on 5 myths people have about an independent agency

If size would have always been proportional to the potential of things, then microprocessor chips would have never got invented, says Manish Bhatt



5 things that agencies must do to attract top talent

If organisations proactively think about how they should keep their employees engaged over a period of time, attraction rates go up and attrition rates fall, says Rohit Ohri



The Anchor: Manish Porwal on 6 celebrities whom marketers have ignored till now

Is there life beyond Sachin and Dhoni and Shah Rukh and Abhishek? Yes, says Manish Porwal, recommending six faces that could be tapped.



The Anchor: Madan Sanglikar on 5 reasons mobile advtg delivers more ROI than conventional media vehicles

Madan Sanglikar makes a case for mobile advertising’s effectiveness



The Anchor: 10 News TV faces one would like to see in the Bigg Boss house (and why)

We are sure it won’t ever happen, but hypothetically, if it did, these are the 10 faces A N Chorrea writes he would like to see in the house



The Anchor: Pratap Bose list 5 reasons why awards are important

If an agency fares well at award functions, it is definitely recognized by clients, giving itself an option of fluffing its feathers, says Pratap Bose



The Anchor: Anita Nayyar on 6 things she has learnt from being in the media business

One learns from every profession but it’s a different learning if one has had a dramatic shift in professions, says Nayyar



The Anchor: The 6 Cs of the TV business in South India

Remember these tips and stay Cool, says Anup Chandrasekharan.



The Anchor: 5 things you didn’t know about kids’ TV viewing habits

How they watch, when they watch, and with whom – the answers about children’s TV-viewing practices may come as a surprise, says Tabassum Modi



The Anchor: Monica Tata on 6 reasons running a kids’ channel is no child’s play

It is a competitive market where players need to have the ability to constantly create content that is engaging and innovative. They need to be adept at technological evolution and have the foresight to adapt content over multiple and mobile platforms.



The Anchor: Albert Almeida on 5 things he would like to see happen in Mobile Advertising

Videos, app-based ads and interactive ads are just a few forms of advertising that we would like to see in mobile advertising, says Albert Almeida



The Anchor: Carlton D’Silva on 5 reasons marketers must take digital seriously

To be in tune with the changing milieu it has become imperative for a brand to be present in the digital medium



The Anchor: 10 TAPROOT! TVCs that you want to watch over and over again

It’s not just TVCs that the Boys are known for, but this list by A N Chorrea looks at the work that got them to be the most courted creative hotshop in the country.



The Anchor: 20 Amul ads that tell the IPL story

Given the huge response to our feature tracking Sachin Tendulkar’s career via Amul ads, here’s bring you the IPL story via Amul ads



The Anchor: 7 Amul ads that tell the Obama story

Seven Amul topical advertisements that tell the Barack Obama story from his election in 2008 to the 2012 campaign



The Anchor: Utterly Butterly Tondulkarlicious!

As the master blaster reaches his 100th international ton, MxMIndia presents 25 Amul ads that tell the Tendlya story.



The Anchor: Prasoon Joshi on 5 songs he wishes he had written

Beautifully stringed words that touch the heart and superb play on words are some reasons Prasoon Joshi selects his favourites.



The Anchor: Ajay Kakar on 10 reasons why the Ad & Marketing world needs independent publications like MxMIndia

Taareef karun kya uski, jisne tumhein banaaya… Ajay Kakar on 10 reasons why A&M needs independents like MxMIndia



5 reasons why behind every good creative is an even better media plan

Media Planning adds D.R.A.M.A to every creative to make it larger. Karthik Lakshminarayan cites some examples



The Anchor: 5 faces that define Indian advertising

Prahlad Kakkar talks about people who have redefined the face – and brains – of advertising




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