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27 Dec,2012

In a world where all and sundry makes for ‘breaking news’, MxMIndia has been bringing you content with a difference. Our Big Stories reflect the issue of the day or have a take on themes that ought to be discussed. For instance, how safe are women in media. And it’s not just television and print that we are concerned about… they extend to digital, outdoor, BTL and of course Radio and PR for which we have full-fledged channels.


Here are a few picks from the year gone by:


How safe are women in news media?

Uncertain hours and tough work conditions – women in the news media don’t have it easy. How safe is work life for them? The first of MxMIndia’s two-part report. Plus: the women in the MxMIndia team talk of their experience


Is BTL gaining acceptance as a must-have in a media plan?

With below-the-line gaining a bigger share of ad budgets over the years, a cross-section of the A&M frat on its efficacy


Did the switch to weekends impact KBC buzz?

Did the switch to a weekend airing schedule impact the buzz factor for KBC 6 or has the Big B’s aura begun to fade? MxMIndia finds out


What’s more important? Creativity or Effectiveness?

Is creativity a means to communicate effectiveness, or a means or gather awards? MxM India finds out from industry players


Shailesh Kapoor: Crime genre makes a killing

There’s much action in the crime genre as shows that are seemingly dark and not for everyone in the family work better than comedy, writes Shailesh Kapoor


Is India ready for cross-pollination between varying media functions?

Is the ground fertile in India, just as it happened in the US where a PR honcho was handed over charge of a creative ad network?


Is metric-driven advertising killing creativity?

Always popular with the multinational FMCG companies, pretesting of ads is now in its Golden Age


MxM Mondays: Can regional dailies withstand the pressure from national biggies?

Do regional papers have it in them to face the competition and clout of national newspapers? MxM Mondays speaks to a cross-section of industry persons


Future of ads is in tracking location, mood

Algorithms can track your mood and location to serve you text or video ads relevant to you at that point. The technologies already exist, but concerns about privacy, spam and the absence so far of a good revenue model have prevented such location-specific ads from exploding. Many believe it’s only a matter of time before this happen.


Sigh! What makes Gangnam Style and Kolaveri Di such a rage?

Why do some videos catch on virally and spread like wildfire, while others fail to ignite after an initial spark?


Is Delhi upstaging Mumbai in A&M?

The Advertising Club Bombay’s decision to expand its activities to Delhi by dropping Bombay from its name is thanks to the NCR becoming a force to reckon with in Advertising and Marketing


MxM Monday: Has the role of PR diminished?

Has the role of the public relations firm diminished and can media do without it? MxMIndia asked industry captains for their take


Is Radio a poor cousin to Print & TV?

The theme for this week’s MxM Monday is, “Is Radio a poor cousin to Print and Television?” MxMIndia asked industry captains for their take


Bengal (paper) tigers set to roar

As the TOI challenges ABP on home turf, readers in West Bengal are sure to end up with the most mishti


MxM Mondays | Is there a crisis of ideas in Hindi GECs?

Are endless soaps, reality shows and mythologicals all that there is to general entertainment?


Is the government right in blocking the digital media?

Not everyone is against the restriction, but is it an effective solution to check anti-national and anti-social content?


Why do marketers not spend enough on digital media?

While spends may be shifting to digital globally, in India, television and print still rule. Sigh


Is news media ownership a cause for worry?

In the first edition of MxM Mondays, Tariq Ansari, Vinod Mehta, Sevanti Ninan, Maheshwer Peri, Tarun Tejpal, Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, Ranjona Banerji and Pradyuman Maheshwari comment on the issue of ownership of the news media. Should there be entry barriers?


Apology + Rs 500cr: Is Indian Express right in sending Open a legal notice?

An MxMIndia Report with reactions from Dileep Padgaonkar, Sevanti Ninan, Paranjoy Guha Thakurta & Sucheta Dalal


Hindi Hinterland: Happenin’ & How!

The states of UP, MP, Bihar & Jharkhand are the new growth centres, notes a special volume presented by Big Magic and produced by MxMIndia


So why did Turner stop Imagine(ing)?

It was Terrible Thursday for the team as Turner Broadcasting announced closure of Imagine’s business operations


Analysis: Ashish Pherwani on when it’s right for a channel to pull the plug

Channels which operate without a robust management team, a unique market position, and a defined target audience, won’t be able to garner sustained and loyal viewership feels Ashish Pherwani of Ernst & Young


Who’s better for brands – mascots or celebs?

It’s an oft-asked question: what offers better identification and generates stickiness for a brand. And how does a brand choose between the two?.


Is Sachin’s brand aura on the wane?

Despite a hundred 100s, Sachin Tendulkar scores a duck with new endorsements


Power of +ve campaigning: Why SP won & BSP, Cong lost

Experts say it’s up to the agencies to help political parties with a nice strategy


Is more the merrier for Kannada news TV?

The Kannada news channel space has been abuzz with action and new launches, the latest being Public TV. Is there room for so many?


Is radio not good enough for premium brands?

MxM Radio launches with a discussion on whether radio is still considered too ‘common’ a medium for ‘uncommon’ luxury brands


Why the PR industry needs some PR

MSLGroup’s white paper on the Indian PR industry underlines potentially growth-limiting challenges the trade faces



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