Jaldi 5 with Ajay Trigunayat: ‘The aim is to set new benchmarks in 2013’

20 Dec,2012

Where brands or media properties are struggling to stay afloat through this tough economic crisis, two-year-old movie channel Movies Now has no such bitter experiences to share. After a roaring 2011, the channel – that completed its second anniversary this week, has an interesting tale to tell about its performance in 2012 as well.

Ajay Trigunayat, CEO, English Entertainment Channels, Times Television Network tells MxMIndia what the year held for the network and plans for 2013.


01. How would you analyse the year 2012, which also marks completion of two years for Movies Now in India?

A lot has happened in the last two years:

  • The category has expanded exponentially with Movies Now witnessing a 50% jump in viewership reaching out to 56 million viewers per week.
  • In the past twelve months, we have effectively consolidated our leadership position, dominating the category with a phenomenal 30% in comparison to Star Movies (28%), Sony PIX (17%) and HBO (14%). (Source: TAM, CS 15+, 8 metros, wk 52 ’10 – wk 39 ’12)


02. Could you share some of the highpoints for the network in India this year?

  • We have led the category since our launch & 2011-2012 has seen immense growth in terms of Reach, TSV, Audience Engagement & consequently Revenue.
  • In 2012, we built on the library-led movie concept by offering the viewers a plethora of blockbusters packaged as captivating properties celebrating the Best of Hollywood Icons – Best of Cameron, Best of Leo, Best of Spielberg and lots more.
  • Movies Now constantly keeps innovatively engaging with its fans and followers in the social media sphere. In the two years, the channel has jumped to the top spot with 2.3 mn fans on Facebook. In comparison, decade old players, Star Movies & HBO, stand at 1.4 mn & 1.5 mn respectively. Movies Now is in the top 5 leading brands on Facebook in India (in the media category) & in the top 3 fastest growing pages on Facebook in India (in the media category). The channel maintains a strong fan-following on Twitter with a lead of 13000+ followers.
  • Movies Now has significantly overshot international benchmarks in terms of the Brand Awareness & Brand Preference in just 2 years of its launch (Source: Millward Brown Study)


03. Have you witnessed a spike in viewership and revenues over 2011? Could you elaborate the growth story through statistics…

  • Out of the top rated 100 English Movies in the last 2 years, 52% aired on Movies Now as compared to 32% on Star Movies, 14% on Sony PIX and 2% on HBO. (Source: TAM, CS 15+, 8 metros, wk 52 ’10 – wk 39 ’12)
  • Movies Now has also attained an astonishing 31 minutes of time spent per viewer which is a testimony of the audience stickiness on the channel. Star Movies stands at 27 mins, PIX at 21 mins & HBO at 20 mins (Source: TAM CS 15+, 8 metros, wk 52 ’10 – wk 39 ’12)
  • Consequently, Movies Now doubled the effective rate to ‘3600 per 10 seconds and seen an increase 60% in terms of revenue as compared to last year.
  • Movies Now achieved a phenomenal 30% channel share in comparison to Star Movies (28%), Sony PIX (17%) and HBO (14%). (Source: TAM, CS 15+, 8 metros, wk 52 ’10 – wk 39 ’12)


04. What was the year like for the Movies genre in India – growth and challenges?

  • Our biggest challenge is the perception of our channel being niche. With Reach of 56 million viewers and TSV of 55 minutes per week which is almost the size of any possible European country, I don’t really think Movies Now can be called niche.
  • The English Movie Channel Category has been under-monetized. It would also be a challenge to leverage the urban affluent English movie viewing into the advertising revenue it deserves.


 05. What would be your focus for 2013 in the sphere of movie/content acquisition?

  • The idea is to consolidate our library further and bring in the Best Blockbusters for our viewers.
  • Starting January we present :

> Sons of Guns: Brings the Bad Boys of Hollywood that will showcase movies like Ocean’s eleven, Bad Boys, etc.

> Grand Masters: Legends of Shaolin featuring Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee along with the master of Bruce Lee himself in IP Man 2.

> Badge of Courage: Line-up of some special movies this Republic Day like Iron Man, True Lies, Knight and Day, Quantum of Solace, Demolition Man and Robocop

> Crack it Up: Rib-tickling comedies like Dude where’s my car, Austin Powers, Hangover, Aliens in the attic, Harold and Kumar, Not Another Date Movie and a lot more.

  • February:

> Gods of Hollywood with the Best of Hollywood Icons like Bond, Spiderman, Rocky Balboa and many more.

> For the first time on Indian Television, Movies Now will premiere the much talked about movie, ‘The Grey’ starring Liam Neeson.

> Best of family adventure movies like Harry Potter, Narnia, Percy Jackson in Adventure Diaries

> Valentine’s Day also has a special line-up including Monster-in-law, Date Night, I Love You, Beth Cooper..

  • In March, we will bring the complete Star Wars movie franchise which will be customized for the Indian audience in a big way. One of the property’s that has been appreciated well comes back with a bang with Shaolin Masters 4.


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