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05 Dec,2012

By A Correspondent


Digital entertainment e-store has announced the launch of its revamped website The new website allows users to stream free as well as buy the very best of Indian and international content, including music tracks, music videos and streaming full-length movies.


The new website is powered by HTML5 technology which will provide a vivid user interface, multiple music applications and easy social connect options; allowing users to sign on through various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and get real-time social feeds. The latest upgrade also means HD quality streaming and downloading options for music and movies along with easy access to music through the innovative cloud technology. The site is currently running in its beta version.


The revamped website will be loaded with the following features:

Streaming: is the only entertainment storefront that allows the consumer to not only buy and download content, but also stream entertainment content for free.


Music Cloud: India’s first Music Cloud will be based on a freemium model. The service allows consumers to save files on the Cloud, which they can seamlessly access via their connected devices- PCs, Mobile Smart Phones, Laptops, Tablets and connected TVs.


Playlists: The new website will offer users different editorial playlists and artiste radio. Users will be able to create their own playlists, save it and share their playlists on social media platforms.


Social Media Integration: Social Media integration will be on following fronts – Use your Social Login to browse and buy content from Consumers can also share their favourite content – Songs, Albums, Videos, Wallpapers with their peer group over social networks and follow members activity to check out what their friends are up to.


Music Discovery: This exciting new feature allows users to discover new music based on user preferences – Mood, Tempo, Category, Genre, Era- a great way to explore the unheard!


Personalization: Favoritization of songs and saving one’s preferences is now possible. New improved ‘My Accounts’ section to display user account details, content downloaded, plans availed, credits remaining, movies watched etc. all in one section.


The revamped website is accessible via Web, mobile apps and through social media options. In addition to the digital platforms, the content of can also now be accessed through its retail touch points, ‘Hungama Oxigen’ retail points, across the country.


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