Debrief: Groupon: Craziness pays off

11 Dec,2012

By Anil Thakraney


I like all the madness in the new Groupon commercials. The online portal needed such sharp clutter breakers in order to get noticed.


The positioning is that Groupon offers a wide array of deals. This is not an exciting proposition, but the creative treatment gives it the much needed punch. The idea is that Groupon offers really crazy deals, and this makes the TVCs quite humorous. One ad talks about karate lessons. A granny is shown peppering a couple of thieves with killer karate chops. In another one that hawks an unlimited buffet lunch, a pot-bellied man sets off chaos inside the restaurant as his under pressure belly button (of the shirt) takes off like a bullet. And there are more such rollicking ads.


[youtube width=”400″ height=”220″][/youtube]
[youtube width=”400″ height=”220″][/youtube]
Rating: (On a scale of 1-5): 3. Correct strategy. Fun ads.

Good one. In the television medium that’s booming with ads, a new entrant has to create a splash immediately. Especially if the ad budgets are limited and there’s no scope for a long-term brand building idea. And once it’s decided to go with the humour route, the idea should be to go all out. More the ads get bizarre, better will be the noticeability. And Groupon ads meet that expectation. They are entertaining and will lead to quick brand recall.


In fact, I would urge their ad agency to push the insanity envelope even harder. And the team should enjoy all the fun while it lasts. It’s not every day that creative people land up with such hot ‘deals’.


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