Chitralekha upbeat on social media

24 Dec,2012

By Ananya Saha


It took two years for Chitralekha to reach two lakh fans on its Facebook page. According to the official numbers provided by Chitralekha, 96% of these fans are from India with 87% under 34 years. Close to 35,000 active fans make it a highly interactive community. While the group has focussed on FB till now, and is present on Twitter, it will be looking seriously at the latter in 2013.


Mitrajit Bhattacharya

While many media brands are taking the social media route to be interact with the audience, it is known that beyond the ‘likes’, not many engage with them on a regular basis. However, Mitrajit Bhattacharya, President & Publisher, Chitralekha Group is upbeat about the statistics. “We are very active on FB as a community. We inform, entertain and empower our fans. For instance, the songs in a specially-compiled music CD with our anniversary issue were chosen by our fans, questions to celebs in our popular FB activity – “Chhoti Si Mulakat” are normally contributed by our fans etc. We also share jokes, pics and breaking news regularly. All these translate into an engaged fan base,” he said, while adding, “Regional brands have a huge power to connect with their audiences as friends. We have been a friend to the Gujarati community for over six decades. Social media helps us to be in touch with them closely, particularly the younger lot. Gujaratis are also very heavy users of digital devices, which help the process of connectivity.”


The social media strategy of the group extends to Chitralekha’s brand philosophy “of being friend to our fans and being loved to a completely new younger audience.”


Does an engaged fan base imply an engaged advertiser community as well? Mr Bhattacharya said, “Monetizing social media is a tricky issue, however there are many marquee clients who are actively looking at our online offerings currently.” He insisted that Facebook has played a large role in helping traction onto Chitralekha’s websites.


With no choice but to be present on social media to stay in the game, Mr Bhattacharya concluded, “Digital is the future. All our major titles are available on tablets and smart phones. Our print copies get delivered to over 100 countries (sometimes, we learn about small countries from our subscriber’s database). Just imagine the power of digital, which avoids the problems of physical distribution due to geographical distances, both within and outside the country!”


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