AppFest 2012: Exploring the ‘Apps’ economy

17 Dec,2012

By A Correspondent


AppFest 2012, organised from December 13-15 in Hyderabad, provided an environment for developers and entrepreneurs to come together on a platform and leverage the enormous opportunity to move towards an ‘Apps Economy’. Given the strong base of mobile users, rapidly growing number of Internet users, availability of innovative minds and depth of resource pool, the opportunity is enormous.


The three-day event that included Talkathon, Hackathon and Challengathon, attracted more than 400 developers.


“The young generation should look at product development and creating world-class apps, while creating a culture that would build companies and create valuations.” This was the message given by Sanjay Jaju, Secretary, Department of Information and Communications, Government of Andhra Pradesh to the developers, while officially declaring open the Hackathon and Challengathon at the AppFest 2012, organised by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). “Product development is what eludes us despite all the advancements in ITeS,” he added, while exhorting the developers to try and build a mini Silicon Valley – by virtue of which Indians can create value, Intellectual Property, patents, and companies. He urged the developer community to break free from the existing value chain, and aspire to build world class products and companies.


AppFest 2012 is the first step towards realization of this opportunity, and hopes to foster an environment where businesses, developers, platforms and networks are incentivized for their efforts. It is important that the first person and the last person in the value chain, – the innovators/developers/entrepreneurs, are amply rewarded.


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