Announcing: The Dubious Achievement Awards 2012 + the Political Incorrect Quiz… on Mon, Dec 31!

28 Dec,2012

Hey Mediawaalon, get set for some naughty and spicy stuff on MxMIndia on Monday, December 31.


It’s the last day of the year and on the day when half the world is busy dreaming up plans for the evening ahead and greeting each other (some silly “see you next year, haan”  asides), MxMIndia will see spirits soaring with the Mediaah! Dubious Achievement Awards 2012.


If you want to send in your entries for these, inbox them to Confidentiality assured. We will protect your identity if you don’t want it disclosed.


The award titles should be fun (and we expect people to take them in the right spirit). For instance:

The Colgate Sensitive Award

to the UPA government for pouncing on to the news channels whenever it gets a lashing from them




The King Dasarath Award to the IBF, ISA and AAAI

to banish TAM for 9 weeks on a whim (and some machinations)




The Tu Tu Main Main Award

to WPP and NDTV for fighting each other over viewership ratings via press communiques




The Manoj Kumar ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’ Award

to Arnab Goswami for boldly asking questions for India when nobody really cared (including many of us)


And many more! How many other awards will Arnab Goswami get? And Satyamev Jayate? Who will get our Arnab Goswami award for the Most Sound News TV Editor? Or the Red Blue award for Reality Show Fatigue? And the Two-Timing Award. Also, the Kaju Feni Lifetime Achievement Awards for Promoting Goa… Read it all on Monday, Dec 31 on your favourite mid-morning destination!


Over and above this, we are going to have the first ever Politically Incorrect Media Quiz. We will quiz your knowledge on stuff that you’ll never ever find on other sponsor-friendly quizzes. We will ask questions that are factual, but may not be comfortable to some. Hence, Politically Incorrect.


Look out for it… 11am, Monday, December 31.


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