Anil Thakraney: Television’s pseudo patriotism

05 Dec,2012

By Anil Thakraney


Hate to see the Indian media go ballistic when NRIs land up in trouble in the nations they have chosen to migrate to. Whether it’s about the desi blokes who got attacked in Australia or the lady who lost her life in a maternity ward in Ireland or those cases where couples in Norway have been found guilty of bad parenting. In each such case our media has been demanding blood of the firangis, and have been pressuring the Indian government to act.


This is not only illogical, it’s completely unfair. All those Indian citizens who’ve opted to live in foreign lands HAVE to follow the laws of the land out there. As well as adopt the local culture. Remember that oft-repeated proverb, which our media conveniently forgets: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. One peculiar trait amongst us Indians is that we tend to bond only with each other in foreign countries, and we put little effort into mixing with the locals. And this leads to isolation and often discrimination. Can we then really absolve ourselves of racism? Also, we must understand that Australians would be more worried about attacks on Asians on their soil; it hugely harms their image in the world.


As for the Norway-based families, Norway did not put a gun to their heads to stay in that nation. But now that they have decided to stay there, Indian parents must follow the Norwegian way of bringing up kids. And if they find that unacceptable, well, they should buy themselves a one-way ticket on Air India and return home. None of this is being recognized by our chest–thumping ‘patriotic’ TV anchors.


And what’s truly galling is the hypocrisy. If foreigners who live in India don’t follow our culture, if they refuse to obey the Indian law, if they insist on special treatment, the same anchors would go all out to crucify them. Imagine the scenario if a Brit were to complain about the noise created by Diwali crackers. Even such a minor issue would be treated with outrage in the media.


Chill down, my dear colleagues in the news channels. Do not forget the Roman proverb. And also remember that an Italian lady dutifully follows all the laws, customs and practices of India. If Ms Sonia Maino can do it, our people better ditto in other lands. And when they won’t, let’s leave them to their fate.




PS: Haha. Hot, hot male underwear ad from France. Notice that they have followed the typical us-versus-the rival routine, but it’s sizzled in this case.


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