Anil Thakraney: Media campaign on gun control

17 Dec,2012

By Anil Thakraney


Before I come to the point, I have to say I was appalled by the images of some US TV anchors interviewing kids who’d survived the gun massacre. This is completely not on. These bachchas had just been emotionally scarred for life, and they ought to have been left alone with their parents. This tells you even in the developed world there’s huge scope for improvement in the media. Had such a thing happened in India, we would have skewered our anchors/reporters.


Anyway, onto the topic for today: Gun control in the US. I won’t go into the political details on this issue, everyone knows the story inside out. It’s very clear that the US netas won’t allow gun control in their nation because of populist reasons, and therefore shootings of the innocent will simply go on. Very sadly, it’s become a bi-monthly feature these days. (By the way, the Islamic terrorists must be laughing their guts out… their ‘hard work’ is being dutifully done by a few deranged US citizens.).


Now, one appreciable thing our TV stations do now and then is to launch public interest campaigns for justice or for social/legal change. These campaigns are often urban-centric in nature (remember Justice For Jessica Lal?), and they are usually effective, or at least some of them are. This gave me an idea: Why don’t TV channels in the US come together and launch a high-decibel, sustained campaign against the open retail of guns in the marketplace? They are well aware the political parties won’t take any action on their own, therefore why not use the power of the media to make this happen? In any case the American public is divided on this burning issue, and therefore interference from the media becomes vital.


And frankly speaking, I see no other way out of this bloody mess. Because left under the rotting carpet, these dirty rats will now and then kill innocent people. And all that the US Presidents will do is weep on national television, spew out a little sympathy, and then maintain status quo. We have a lot to learn from the firang media, but this is one leaf they should borrow from our chapter.




PS: Here’s a list of tech ads of 2012 that went viral. Samsung scores the highest points, and that’s bad news for Apple. Anyway, do watch these. Will give you a good idea of the sort of videos that get most watched on the internet.



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