AdStrat: Idea gets people singing Hello Honey Bunny

31 Dec,2012

Arun Iyer, National Creative Director, Lowe Lintas and Partners


Name of the Campaign/Ad: Idea-Hello Honey Bunny


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The Brief: Idea started as a regional player and even though it is present in 22 circles across the country today, the perception among people remains that it’s a regional player. The brief was to show a pan-India network, true to Idea’s tradition of doing lateral communication. At the same time the campaign clearly focuses on communicating the network’s strength.


Research insights: Idea started as a regional player and this image has persisted. Idea is still seen in many parts of the country as a regional player, very strong in some circles, but not so much in others. The consumer has been sceptical about its pan-India presence. To remove all such doubts and showcase Idea’s nationwide network, Idea is bringing to life its new network commercial. Being a number 3 player, Idea has always been the challenger, creating exciting new communication, and this execution is no different.


Given that Idea now has a presence in 22 circles across the country, the aim was to announce this fact in a celebratory manner.


The thought process behind the creative: “An idea can change your life” has been the slogan for brand Idea. Different executions by Lowe Lintas and Partners have brought this slogan alive in lateral ways, typically showing how telephony could solve large social issues. Idea has thus acquired a ‘cultural authority’ and not just brand authority in the minds of people.


Media vehicles chosen: A 360 degree approach using TV, Radio, Digital, Outdoor and Cinema.


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: The new execution created by Lowe Lintas and Partners plays off a simple insight. Music is universal and a catchy tune sticks in the head. What makes this a network campaign and not a ring-tone campaign is the fact that people across the country are singing, quite often the wrong lyrics, or humming, the same song. And what is this song – it is the ringtone of a traveller who has travelled across the country.


So from grandmothers in South India to police officers in the capital to idol makers in the East, everyone is singing the new Idea jingle – you’re my pumpkin-pumpkin, hello honey-bunny. It’s a jingle that’s extremely catchy and it’s no surprise that unconsciously everyone picks it up and then sings it – often to their own lyrics.


The kicker at the end of the commercial is the phone ringing in a traveller’s backpack and the ringtone being picked up by yet another person. Showing thus, that the traveller, in travelling across the country, infected the country with this new catchy jingle.


What is the differentiating factor about the ad? Given that Idea has been seeing network commercials for close to a decade, the challenge was to do this in a new interesting manner that carried the Idea stamp.


Client comment: Sashi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer, Idea Cellular said, “In new age India, people are moving and relocating to towns and cities for education, career and family commitments, leading to more travel and communication requirements. Mobile telephony has effectively bridged distances, and Idea’s strong pan-India network offers seamless connectivity across the length and breadth of the country, connecting people with their ‘Honey Bunny’s!”


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