AdStrat: Fastrack makes hell cooler

24 Dec,2012

Dave Banerjee, CEO & Strategy Head, Fisheye Creative Solutions Pvt. Ltd


Name of the Campaign/Ad: Fastrack, Make Hell Cool


The Brief: Increase mind share of Fastrack among young Indians during the holiday season without announcing the standard festival Sale.


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Research insights:

Kids prefer fire and pointy tails to clouds and wings. Dave Banerjee, CEO & Strategy Head, Fisheye Creative Solutions Pvt. Ltd, says, “Doomsday predictions are a fabulous way to draw attention. If it were not for their doomsday prediction, how many of us would be discussing the Mayans right now? Or their forgotten calendar? So when we at Fisheye saw the impending apocalypse as an opportunity, we were just following in the footsteps of the Mayans. Here was a moment that a youth brand could seize to cock an irreverent snoot at beliefs and predictions (and our obsession with them). When it came to irreverence and youth, we could think of no better brand than Fastrack.”


The thought process behind the creative:

As there already was social media chatter about the Mayan calendar and the end of the world, Fastrack decided to use the trending topic to launch ‘End of the World Gear’. The integrated campaign centers around the website,, that assumes everyone’s going to hell, and those with Fastrack gear can make hell cooler. The website seeks confessions, obituaries and last words from Fastrack customers to make them eligible to join ‘Hell’s Finest’.


Media vehicles chosen:

Television, Billboards, Radio, Retail, College Festival, Digital, Social Media


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad:

Time. The entire campaign was conceptualised and executed in 10 days! Definitely an incredible feat by both agency and the client.


What is the differentiating factor about the ad?

It’s the daredevil approach by an adventurous brand.


Client comment:

Simeran Bhasin, Head, marketing and retail, Fastrack, said, “We were looking for ideas to make Fastrack relevant for the end of world, as youth seemed interested about the prophecy and it had become a buzz word. Besides, our target group is not the squeaky clean, goody-two-shoe lot and so, the campaign fit in perfectly.”


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