AdStrat: Cleartrip – book your holiday now

04 Dec,2012

Hrush Bhatt, Co-Founder and Director (Product Strategy) Cleartrip

V. Sunil, Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy


Name of the Campaign/Ad:  Cleartrip – video stamps


The Brief:  A quick reminder for people to book for the upcoming holiday season with Cleartrip’s simple and rather well-designed products.



Research insights: In keeping with the brand’s soul, the video stamps take up only as little time as necessary to effectively remind people of Cleartrip’s products and what they do, while simultaneously providing a peek into the brand’s quirky personality.


The thought process behind the creative: To establish and remind people of easy holiday booking option that cleartrip offers.


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Media vehicles chosen: 360-degree approach


Key issues kept in mind while executing the ad: Conceptualized by V. Sunil, Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy (Delhi), these short films are nothing like the traditional television campaign format. The Cleartrip brand speaks in a tone and style that is true to its personality


What is the differentiating factor about the ad? In keeping with the nature of the brand which is about easy booking, the ads are just of 10 seconds duration thus effectively communicating as fast as possible.


Client comment: Cleartrip co-founder Hrush Bhatt said, “At Cleartrip, we’re always pushing the envelope to clear everything out of the way for your trip. Our products have always been built with one clear goal – to help you book your travel without getting in your way. The “It’s all Clear” video stamps are designed to tell people that when they book flights, trains and hotels, they should do it with a brand that’s simple, clutter-free and clear. It works better, it looks better, and it feels better.”


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