The Anchor: 8 gifts that Indian media sectors could do with from Santa Claus

26 Dec,2012

By A N Chorrea



Ethics: Getting rid of paid content. It may exist in sections of some publications like The Times of India and Mid-Day officially, but there are many which practise it on the sly. Nothing wrong with newspapers being run for profit, but don’t run to the government for DAVP ads and various concessions.



Content: Getting rid of paid content which exists here too in the form of commercials coming under the garb of RJ mentions. Also, one could do with differentiating content other than the jockeys.


Entertainment television:

Ideas: Save a few shows on each of the GECs, there is not much of a choice between the various general entertainment channels. While one isn’t very sure of the case with the regional languages, perhaps a few fresh ideas may not be a bad idea.


News television:

Content: You need to look at the content on the Hindi and English channels very closely to know that all that’s said against news TV isn’t all untrue. While the old argument that news doesn’t necessarily have to be about politics holds, but often it’s stretched beyond imagination. The recent Zee News-Jindal case (and the consequent Broadcast Editor’s Association decision) also doesn’t speak too well for the genre.


Digital media:

Good content: It’s been the flavour of many seasons, but the content needs to get really compelling for people to befriend the digital mediums of web and mobile. The time is right, and advertisers are waiting!



Order: Oooh, aaah, ouch! Among the first media sectors to get majorly affected by slowdowns, the sector needs some serious rethink on how to grow bigger and more robust


Experential media:

Science: There is no disputing the role of BTL and events in a client’s life, but the sector needs some quick order in the way it works. The practitioners need to move out from the roles of event managers into influencers of public behaviour!



PR: Yes, the PR sector needs some heavy duty PR to be taken more seriously by clients and the media. But for that some quality talent needs to make its way to the business.


A N Chorrea is a senior industryperson writing under a pseudonym


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