Young Track by Samyak Chakrabarty | What youth think of Samsung vs Apple

14 Nov,2012

What’s a 23-year-old writing a column on a site where the average age of columnists is… ? Ok, ok, we won’t reveal that number, but like it or not the youth constitute a majority of India’s population. Since the last few years, young Samyak Chakrabarty has been in and around media events and offices with his vision of how the youth can be targeted.


In this period, he has organized a few conferences, participated in several of them in India and abroad, and works as Chief Youth Marketer with the DDB Mudra group. He’s organized a TedX youth conference in Mumbai, was invited to meet Hillary Clinton when she visited India and has co-authored a book ‘Generation Einstein 3.0 – India version’.


Samyak’s column appears on Wednesdays and as the title suggests, it tracks the young – specifically keeping in mind the advertising, media and marketing fraternity – Ed


Why Samsung can never enjoy the same aspirational value as Apple amongst Young Indians

Post the courtroom battle, we conducted a brand tracker to ascertain what young india thinks about the two mobile giants and has any of the legal proceedings affected their opinions. The result was clear – Apple not only maintained its high aspirational value, it crushed ‘ image to a level where many students were even ashamed to bring out their Galaxy smartphones out of their pockets for a long while. Those who could afford it, even discarded them. We looked at what Apple does so right, that it is (not only in India) the most highly regarded youth brand.


1. Innovation: They always ensure there is enough fodder amongst techies and enthusiasts to talk about ensuring that the word of mouth is sustained. Secondly, as a technology brand they have kept up their promise of delivering to customers newer products at regular intervals. But then so does Samsung, but the difference is – at Apple it is not about ‘new’, its more about being ‘ahead of time’ – something every consumer wants to be!


2. Design and packaging: Suave and simple is the new flashy. From looks to functionality to packaging, they have ensured that the word ‘sleek’ is heard everywhere. The problem with Samsung is that even though loaded with equal amount of features, if not more, it has not been able to create the aura around its products as Apple.


3. Pricing: Everybody knows that an Apple does not come cheap, hence if you have one, you have arrived in life. In this case, the higher tag is working to its advantage even for volume sales. Youngsters in colleges are known to save up and cut down on other expenses just to have that device even though going by the SEC they belong to, it would be unaffordable. The likes of Samsung and Micromaxes are perceived as a poor man’s smartphone and more crudely (after the battle) – a copycat brand!


4. Steve Jobs: Believe it or not, many youngsters aspire to posses an Apple product because of their sheer respect for this genius. He is the best brand ambassador they could ever have and it continues to be so even after his death. Samsung unfortunately has no story behind its creation, hence the legacy factor is missing.


My reading from this is that today’s young indian consumer is all about the 360-degree. It does not matter if one factor alone is perfect – everything has to be so! Apple has sustained its brand promise and the proof of loyalty is that even through various criticisms related to the product, its perception equity has never been affected. Samsung may end up being the choice of actual purchase due to economic reasons, but Apple will always be a dream possession.


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  1. ravi ravi says:

    dude u r completely wrong…ppl r proud to have Samsung Galaxy