‘Thrill to me has to be a novel experience’ – Anupriya Acharya, Leader, Client Leadership, South Asia at Mindshare

18 Nov,2012

Anupriya Acharya, Leader, Client Leadership, South Asia at Mindshare Fulcrum believes that the magic of nail-biting finishes is lost if they are over stretched.

In this short conversation with Ritu Midha of MXM India, she discusses action as a genre among other things.


Do nail-biting finishes excite you, or do they make you feel nervous?

Nail-biting finishes do excite me. Unfortunately, most of the times, the ending is stretched so much that instead of nail-biting it becomes a hair-tearing ending!


As a professional what has been the most exciting moment of your professional life so far?

In the initial years it was personal achievements like winning businesses, promotions etc. However, of late it has always been making a difference to people’s skills, training and grooming.


What would life be for you if there was no thrill in it?

Actually I can do with more thrill!


Moving to people in general do Indian men look for entertainment only in movies and cricket?

No, they look for entertainment in politics and bi…ing too 😀


Would you say Action TV has come of age in India? What is missing?

Not an avid TV viewer, but must say that Crime channels are the most favourite of mine. They need no appointment viewing, programme duration at about 1-2 hours is perfect (not as long as movies), and whenever you join in, there is high suspense drama.


Do you believe that a much larger base would view action TV, if it is in Hindi?

Yes, I guess so.


Would Hindi Action TV be viewed by lower SECs?

In terms of English v/s Hindi, yes, the popularity of English is largely in the upper SECs. However, action as a genre is less about SEC and maybe more about family v/s individual viewing – or even individual choices. Hence I guess it will be largely influenced by family v/s individual viewing habits.


Why do you think people are more involved when they are watching a serial/movie with element of thrill?

More than thrill, any good storytelling that captures viewer interest and attention has to have some unpredictability in the storyline. If it is too predictable then people lose interest.


Lastly, what is your definition of thrill?

Any novel experience – and not necessarily action-linked.


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