‘Thrill is not knowing what comes next’ – Kartik Iyer, Managing Director, Carat India

18 Nov,2012


Kartik Iyer, Managing Director, Carat India states that life wouldn’t be the same if there was no element of thrill involved.

He responds to Ritu Midha’s queries on thrill and excitement in his typical one-line quips.


Do nail biting finishes excite you or do they make you feel nervous?

Nail biting finishes do excite me.


As a professional what has been the most exciting moment of your professional life so far?

The anticipation of tomorrow.


What would life be for you if there was no thrill in it? 

What life?


Moving to people in general, do Indian men look for entertainment only in movies and cricket? 

Don’t know about Indian men in general. Individuals are built differently and generalizations are suicidal.


Would you say Action TV has come of age in India? What is missing? 

Thrill can be beyond action TV.


Do you believe that a much larger base would view action TV, if it is in Hindi?

Of course but Visual Thrill is already delivered.


Is thrill/adventure missing in Indian ads?

Can’t say.


Why do you think people are more involved when they are watching a serial/movie with element of thrill?

They live it.


Lastly, what is your definition of thrill? 

Not knowing what comes next.


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