The Anchor: 5 reasons direct marketing scores over other forms

21 Nov,2012

By Manisha Amol


There are many benefits of direct marketing – to both buyers and sellers.


#1 Direct marketing empowers women. Direct selling offers self-employment opportunities to a large number of people, especially women. The direct selling industry is not only offering an alternative employment opportunity but has also contributed in terms of increased incomes for those who have entered the industry as direct sellers. Financial independence, development of personal and business skills, flexible timings and an improved ability to take care of families are other benefits of direct selling. It has enabled women to be financially independent and increased their ability to save. Direct selling also provided a safety net during the global slowdown as a large number of direct sellers joined this sector during that time.


#2 Direct marketing offers products with differentiated USPs, customized according to the direct feedback received from consultants and their customers. These products are manufactured through best contract manufacturers across the world and are offered with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, as in direct marketing your buyers are loyalists hence the quality can never be in question. Example: The Wellness category today has rapidly grown, majorly through direct selling, and there are various products customized and targeted at different age groups.


#3 Customers enjoy the convenience of direct marketing as they do not have to battle traffic, find a parking space, or shop through stores. Often they can simply order from a catalogue using the telephone or while shopping online, and never even have to leave their home as goods are shipped directly to their doors.


#4 Buying through direct marketing channels is also private and easy and does not have to involve a face-to-face interaction with a salesperson.


#5 Direct marketing reduces cost (minimizes overhead of retail space, utilities, etc) while increasing the speed and efficiency of the operation.


In short, direct marketing allows sellers to customize offerings and create ongoing relationships directly with customers.


Manisha Amol is VP – Marketing, Modicare Ltd


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