The Anchor: After acquiring ’24’, 5 international soaps Indian GECs must adapt

28 Nov,2012

By A N Chorrea


Okay, so Colors and Anil Kapoor are bringing us the mega-serial ’24’. Here’s a list of other serials that we think should be adapted for Indian conditions:


Big Bang Theory:

It’s geeky, there’s some physics thrown in, but, heck, it’s funny. Very. Question is who will play the role of John Parsons as Sheldon Cooper.



We like our ACP Pradyuman and CID and we’ve had our Karamchand, but nothing to beat a comedy drama like Castle. Question is who will play Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion)… someone like Navin Nischol of the new age?


Grey’s Anatomy:

Okay, it’s not that we’ve not a soap based in a hospital (remember Sanjeevani in the good ol’ days?), but surely we could do a classic on docs, nurses, patients and interns.



This one is the easiest to replicate, methinks. The musical comedy-and-much-melodrama series can be much fun in a song-and-dance crazy nation. And replicated in not just Hindi, but various Indian languages!



Okay, okay, this is not really a ‘current’ television series and we’ve tried doing similar things in the past, but possibly the time is right now to have an easy sitcom like Friends… how about tracking the life and loves of  six friends in Bandra. What men?


AN Chorrea is a senior industryperson writing under a pseudonym


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