The Anchor: 7 Amul ads that tell the Obama story

07 Nov,2012

We are back with telling a topical story via Amul advertisements. Here are links to seven ads that give us the high points of the Obama regime from 2008 to now that made news here in India.


The latest one: US Presidential Elections 2012 (November 2012)


Head-to-head debates between President Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney (October 2012)


President Obama delivers pizzas to volunteers in his campaign office in Nevada (October 2012)


Hollywood star Clint Eastwood speaks to invisible US President Barack Obama at a Republican Convention (September 2012)


President Obama assures Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of access to the much-wanted David Headley (April 2010)


President Barack Obama awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 (October 2009)


Barack Obama elected first African-American president of the United States (November 2008)