The Anchor: 5 ways of making money from the mobile platform

02 Nov,2012

By Mark Challinor


#1 Work out where your readers are going to be in the future. The eyeballs should decide where the advertisers go. Monetize the space accordingly.


#2 Think of advertisers and readers jointly. The content that they value will help develop content accordingly on various platforms whether it is mobile or tablet.


#3 Look at all the new technologies that are coming in, such as augmented reality, QR codes, mobile payments. Get the right blend of technologies to work with the audiences.


#4 Bundle all the digital subscriptions to drive home more revenues, and give more opportunities to the advertisers.


#5 Experiment and research to work out the digital model according to the market you operate in. Only trial-and-error can help you decide on the right model.


Mark Challinor is Director of Mobile Platforms, Telegraph Media Group, London


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