The Anchor: 5 ways e-shopping portals can differentiate from hordes of others

08 Nov,2012

By Richa Kar


#1 Marketing

How does a portal market itself and build the brand over a longer period of time? Why should a customer keep coming back and shop with you instead of going to a competitor website? Marketing will drive the association of brand with consumers.


#2 Technology

This plays a big role in enhancing user experience on site. As a portal increases the categories that it retails, it becomes that much more difficult and time-consuming for a customer to find what they need. An e-tailer needs to leverage technology to make product discovery much easier and faster by way of tagging, search, filter etc.


#3 Re-looking at content strategy

In an industry where you have multiple players selling the same categories, brands, styles etc., the only way an e-tailer can differentiate themselves is content. Content can be on site, product lead, off site, social media. This also involves looking at merchandising very differently.


#4 Execution

Execution plays a very important role. Customers buy from online portals without having a real-time experience of the products and repost faith in the portal to deliver high-quality products, on time and in great condition. We at zivame ensure that we execute the order well and live up to the customers’ expectations.


#5 Value Proposition

Our value proposition is making the customer feel comfortable buying lingerie. Buying lingerie offline can sometimes be awkward. We also ensure that our packaging is done in really neat-looking boxes with no provocative pictures on them. Sticking to the core value proposition is of utmost importance.


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