The Anchor: 5 problems that you and I will face thanks to digitization

01 Nov,2012

By A N Chorrea


#1 You need a fresh table for the set-top box:


So you thought the fancy 165-cm Sony Bravia would look fantastic on the bare wall of your living room. Now, where you are going to keep the set-top box? Pain, huh?


#2 Other paraphernalia for the box:


Like a sexy little cover for the box so that dust doesn’t settle on it when not in use. Buy an all-in-one remote and if necessary get an additional remote laminated. Build an electricity point for the set-top box.


#3 Keep tabs on packages:


Until now it was the cable operator who decided what you saw. Well, kinda. But now with several packages, and a variety of new channels coming on board, get ready to be picking and changing channels and/or packages.


#4 One more monthly payment to be made


If your existing arrangement with the cablewallah allowed you to pay just once a year, now you may want to make it a monthly cycle, until you’ve decided what package to take.


#5 More money


Set-top boxes for all the help/assistants at home, office, the driver… and the building sweeper and watchman. Guess one of the suggestions that someone should’ve made to the government that is that investments in buying set-top boxes will get you tax exemption. This could be sizeable given the number of boxes you’ll be buying in the immediate future.


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One response to “The Anchor: 5 problems that you and I will face thanks to digitization”

  1. Rahul says:

    You’ve got a fancy 165-cm Sony Bravia on a regular analog cable connection??? Well, well…
    And while you’re buying that table for the STB, pick one that’s big enough for a HTS as well (Home Theatre System, just in case…)
    Also, ask your local electrician for a multi-pin socket – it’s been around from the 70s for sure!