The Anchor: 5 non-conventional ways of financing and marketing television properties

22 Nov,2012

By Akash Sharma


#1 Online marketing for television properties has been in the scene for quite some time. But what makes it unconventional is that it can be done for a cost or for free too. Social media campaigning of the property and utilization of online assets of the entities involved can bear fruits in reaching out to the target audience. This is exactly what we did with People’s Choice Awards (PCA). The voting activity for PCA was predominantly online. Hence, apart from on-air and other media, a major weightage of the campaigning happened online through the official website and social media.


#2 Crowd funding & partnership: Getting similar minded people who have conviction in the property to invest in it has been executed in producing movies. A similar principle can be applied to television properties. Also, the broadcaster and sponsor can also be roped in as a partner in the venture. This rouses the parties to bring in more interest towards the project and the execution shouldn’t suffer due to financial reasons. In reciprocation, the format, themes & storylines can be matched with the funders’ market.


#3 Merchandising: This is one of the most nascent ways of marketing a television property in India. During the making of ‘Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain’, Bulldog launched the biggest merchandising program for a TV show ever. From stationery to quiz books to game DVDs, we knew that our target audience was communicated and reminded about the show through the merchandise. We even had a ‘Paanchvi Pass’ ice-cream flavour, partnered with Baskin Robbins. You get to advertise your product to the consumer, and what’s even better is that the consumer is also willing to pay for the same.


#4 Incorporating an unrelated industry which can be a sponsor for the show: Tapping an industry for sponsorship which may not be a direct fit with the property can be a tough task. But, once cracked, this opens sponsorship opportunities for the property and thus for similar properties in the market.


#5 Pre-air distribution: Giving exclusive sneak peek video content to one of the online media partners can also be beneficial. These can be few minutes long or maybe entire episodes. This not only increases the curiosity amongst the loyal viewers towards the next episode, but also interests people who are not familiar with the show to watch it and thus expanding viewership.


Akash Sharma is Co-Founder & Managing Director at Bulldog Media & Entertainment




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