The Anchor: 10 Kasab-dengue tweets that kept Twitterverse busy on a lazy Sunday

05 Nov,2012

So you thought the influentials keep their smartphones or iPads away on a lazy Sunday? The Twitterverse was active on the Congress and Nitish Kumar rallies, Girish Karnad and VS Naipaul and of course the news that the convicted Ajmal Kasab has high fever and suspected to have contracted dengue. We reproduce here 10 tweets that give you an idea of what India thinks given the news…


Madan Sanglikar ‏@maddyisms

At least our mosquitoes are fair, secular & democratic an believe in immediate justice #IncredibleIndia


Sidharth Rao ‏@sidharthrao

Jo Sarkar nahi kar saki, woh ek macchar ne kar diya?“@M2Od: It will be epic if #Kasab dies of Dengue, Incredible India.


Kunal Purandare ‏@kunaljp

Since the government is so keen on keeping Kasab alive, the mosquito tried its best to kill him


Mohit Hira ‏@mohitoz

Evidently mosquitoes are more efficient than our judiciary.


Ramesh Srivats ‏@rameshsrivats

I propose that we make mosquitoes our National Insect. Then the government will try to protect them and they’ll become extinct.


Lk Gupta ‏@Lk_Gupta

Dang you, mosquito! – Kasab


Shunali Shroff ‏@shunalishroff

The Indian mosquito will get to terrorists sooner than the Indian law. Machhar key haath bahut lambey hotein hain jaani. #kasabgetsdengue


Seema Goswami ‏@seemagoswami

So the Indian mosquito may achieve what the Indian justice system could not #kasabgetsdengue


Piyul ‏@Piyul

What an existential dilemma… So do we pull out all stops in taking care of him and then hang him? #kasab has dengue


TheComicProject ‏@thecomicproject

Mosquitoes replaced hangmen in 3 years – a record #tweetslikePMOIndia


The UnReal Times ‏@TheUnRealTimes

Pakistan complains to the UN; alleges India is testing biological weapons on its captured citizens


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